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    Must bring out da BIG GUNS IN THE FIGHT AGAINST NINTENDO LOVER AN M***. So here it is.

    Why won't you call me?
    Why won't you marry me?

    I saw you
    In your fresh shiny leather pants
    You didn't see me though
    I laughed
    'Cause I was behind the bushes
    And I watched your ugly wife
    b***ed across the room
    As if she really cared
    That she was married to you
    All I know is...

    You're my object of affection
    My dude of choice
    My crazy obsession

    Why won't you call me?
    I'm right here waiting
    Why won't you marry me?
    I'm feeling bad
    I can't take being sad
    Why won't you call me?

    You have girls
    Waiting in a line
    For you too play
    Your dirty-girly games
    You purifiy brains
    Just watch me
    If you need to

    know how to stalk you

    Just hide in the bushes
    Like this
    And there's a pe…

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  • TabBep

    Favorite BEP song?

    July 12, 2011 by TabBep

    I'm making a commercial for BEP as part of a school project and was thinking of doing The Best One Yet( but couldn't decide so I figured I'd see what everyone's favorite BEP song was and do that. It can't be My Humps, Sexy, or Hey Mama bcuz those were the ones deemed innapropriate. It can be any other one. And I don't want I gotta Feelin bcuz evry1's heard it. MikuLover doesn't need to weigh in since he hates BEp and only doesn't hate Boom Boom Pow or The Time.

    TabBep 03:49, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

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  • TabBep


    July 8, 2011 by TabBep

    Favorite Song: Just Can't Get Enough or Love you Long Time

    Favorite Artist: BEP

    Fav Food: Pie

    Height: 5 foot 10

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