Hey guys!:3 Okaii, so I haven't been on in FOREVER! I'm glad to be back. Here's sort of an update.

K so I've been inactive because, well, I got tired of Wikia. I've been extremely busy too. But, anyways i'm back, btw, u can call me Cece still, but I would like if you call me Cola now, because everyone on youtube calls me Cola, so I go by that now. Anyways, my room's painted now. I can't wifi anymore because I cannot find ACWW, and it gets boring after a while X.x. Btw, I have Sims 2 on my laptop now :D I play it a lot. So Thanksgiving vacation is coming up and im going to LA Baby!:3 I kinda well quit Twitter, I don't go on much anymore :c here's mai name on it anyway.. I make cpmv's now, wanna see one? Here it is♥

Enjoy chickas♥ Well, im gonna go. BTW im seeing

Twilight breaking dawn tonight♥♥♥♥thumb|300px|right

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