Hi peeps of da RRWiki!!! Does anybody want to chat??? If you do post on this blog or Carmen's new blog, Live Chats On RRWiki!!!!!!!?????? btw, It's just typing so it's basically like chatting like we do all the time!!! Does anybody wanna chat tomorrow at 1:00 for me and 4:00 for Carmen and ML for others like TabBEP and DC idk ur guys's time thing if its not different then tell me! If I'm not on at 1:00, which I probably will be on u can chat with me!!! Chatting's SUPER awesome, and no you dont need a mic! It's basically like E-Mailing for example. It's pretty cool! Well, if you dont wanna chat u dont have too. If I'm wifi with Carmen, then I will postphone the chat and move it to another date. IF ANYTHING'S NOT ABOUT LIVE CHATTING then get ur butt on another blog. I'm just kidding!!! You guys can talk about whatever you want!!!! Live chatting is kinda fun I tryed at Pokemon wiki although nobody was chatting with me, although It is pretty epic!! Well, peace!

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