Hey well happy Easter to The Random Rockers family!! What did you get for Easter post down below I hope you had a good Easter and Buggy143 thanks for popping my balloon just kidding hahaha!! I got punch baloons a water gun,cooking mama and some silly bands and lots of YUMMY candy like bunny sour patch kids! Post below what you got and hope you had a good Easter Random Rockers family I hope I stay here for a long time because I LOVE it here and AgentCarmen and I are good friends now so happy Easter one again the Random Rockers Wiki is just so awesome so I know I said this like three times but post below what you got for Easter hope you had a good day!!

P.S. if you are wondering what I ate it was ham and potatoes and corn and a good hawaiin roll!! Colacube231Peace and Coca-ColaColacube231

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