She wants to undergo treatment for emotional and physical issues before she goes out for a professional commitment.

There is a buzz that Lovato is suffering from exhaustion but this decision of her indicates that it is much more than just exhaustion. She was supposed to take part in an international concert with the Jonas Brothers but Lavato preferred her health and it shows that she has grown up and knows how important her health is.

Demi's representative was quoted saying that she has taken the decision of taking responsibility of her actions and to come out of this with experts' support. .

Lovato was dating Joe Jonas, who was also supposed to be accompanying her in the concert. But, it was not easy for a teenage girl like her to perform with her recent ex-boyfriend. They started dating each other when Lavato was just 17 and he was 20. In the beginning of this summer, the duo separated.

However, the Disney Channel star, Demi Lovato has expressed her regret for not being able to finish her tour. She added that she will soon be back to work following her rehab treatment.

Other sources have been quoted saying that Demi started getting physically attracted to a female member of the tour and this has led to seeking professional help.

Well, we understand Demi that you are just 18 and when you have just come out of a relation, such emotional turmoil can happen to you! OMG!!!!! is it true?

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