• Colacube231

    Summer :D

    June 25, 2012 by Colacube231

    Uh.. so what happened to everyone? XD I'm sooooooooooooo bored. Hardly ever on my laptop anymore... AND AND AND mango slushies are DA BOMB. :) Soooooo. um plz get on Carmen & DC. Mah gurlzz

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  • Colacube231


    November 18, 2011 by Colacube231

    Hey guys!:3 Okaii, so I haven't been on in FOREVER! I'm glad to be back. Here's sort of an update.

    K so I've been inactive because, well, I got tired of Wikia. I've been extremely busy too. But, anyways i'm back, btw, u can call me Cece still, but I would like if you call me Cola now, because everyone on youtube calls me Cola, so I go by that now. Anyways, my room's painted now. I can't wifi anymore because I cannot find ACWW, and it gets boring after a while X.x. Btw, I have Sims 2 on my laptop now :D I play it a lot. So Thanksgiving vacation is coming up and im going to LA Baby!:3 I kinda well quit Twitter, I don't go on much anymore :c here's mai name on it anyway.. I make cpmv's now, wanna see one? Here it is♥

    Enjoy chickas♥ Well, im gon…

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  • Colacube231

    room colors

    August 27, 2011 by Colacube231

    Heyy peeps it's me Cece :) and I might paint my room soon, so what colors do ya think I should do? I was thinking of pink, or maybe purple idk yet. Well, I g2g to go eat and other things.

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  • Colacube231

    Wiki Things

    August 8, 2011 by Colacube231

    Hey peeps it's me Cece and I wanted to let everyone know to please don't make anymore lyric pages, until further notice. Carmen asked me to make this blog, so yeah. Below is a list of things we need to do!

    • Don't make anymore lyric pages until further notice.
    • Edit more pages!!
    • See what pages need to be deleted!!

    Well, yea.

    Carmen's note! For lyric pages, can we start adding descriptions to the top like who the artist(s) are, who wrote it, what record company produced it, etc.? AND if a page has it, start adding music videos to the page!

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  • Colacube231

    Heeeey it's me, CC, and my BDay is in 22 days so, welcome to my official countdown blog, where we countdown to my 13th BDay!! My BDay's on August 21st (incase u 4got, already!!) Well, comment!!

    Colacube signing OFF! User talk:Colacube231 01:10, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

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