Heeey everyone! Zoey here!!!! I'm back!! Finally....... i've been real busy with school and stuff, and me and Cece & Lilly have been doing great! Lilly forgot her password, so she won't be on anymore, unless she figures it out :( sooo Cece and mee are gonna (wellll maybe) are gonna make a YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! it will be totally epic <:D so check that out!! I've been reading 39 clues lately it is awesome sauce! Do any of you play Gurlsense? i made an account yesterday, and it's really fun! I have a Nook color, so i'll be online more often! the Play is being moved to October 18th and im real excited! mee and Cece are gonna see if we can be in the band!! I'm gonna play saxophone, and Cece's gonna do the trumpet! I want some yummie apple pie :)!!!!! So what are all of you gonna be 4 halloween? im gonna be Lady gaga loool no jk! IDK wat im gonna be, CURSE YOU CECE!!!!!! lol jk!! She already got her costume!! <:( I haven't got mine yet!!! wellll at Least the halloween store is open!! Wellll, im gonna go eat a ice cream cookie sandwich yummie :) so baii baii for now!

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