If you have been in the GSMarketplace lately, you may have seen items being auctioned off about this website. If you joined, Welcome!!! On this wikipedia, you make articles on anything in the world (candles, lamps, snuggies) and there are other pages. I do not want to see any cursing or by girls stuff. If I find it too much, you will be banned from my website. Also, check out the rules page and the stubs on the wiki by going here. A stub is a page with very little or no info at all so check those out and add true info and true info only. If you have any questions, post below and tell me your GS Username if you would like. I hope you stay for a while and spread the word on GS. Finally, If you want to help spread the word, I will put some of my signs and stuff for sale so you can check them out. AgentCarmen12 is my username on here and girlsense.

I will start making more fashions about the website in my boutique soon and selling them, so please be patient!

If you came here because you saw my post on the group, thanks for joining! Further details about what you need to do will be posted soon. In the mean time, please edit our pages and comment on our blogs :)

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