The random rockers wiki is getting less popularity and I'm thinking its contest time!!!!!!!! This contest is called.......... Get As Many Peeps As Possible!!!! Hehe lame name but yea. For this contest, you will try to get as MANY people as you can to join the wiki. Some ways are telling your friends or making a youtube video!! Go on Facebook and tell people or text them! There are soo many ways!! To win, you must get as many people as you can to join!!! WINNER will recieve any of the following:

  1. A Pokemon battle wit da one and only MEEE!!!!
  1. A trip to Exeter on Animal Crossing WW or CF and 50,000 bells and more
  1. Administrator Powers!!!

Do anything you can to get peeps to join!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Contest ends on April 23rd 2011 at 6 P.M for East Coasters, 3 P.M for West coasters! For da others, figure dat out urself!!!!! GOOD LUCK (viel gluck in german and Bonne Chance in French!!!)

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