Hey Carmen is speakin! If ya didn't know that I declare ya un-epic! First off I have a few wiki things that need to be done!

  1. The lyric pages that have Music Vids, can we please add them! Then I want to make a Music Video category for the songs that have 'em
  2. Also, for lyric pages, I would like to have a little bit of info about the song (i.e. year, album, artist, record company etc.)
  3. Any songs that have won a VMA, add that info to the page! I added three so far!
  4. I would love to edit some of the other pages and delete some if nessecary
  5. Now that the school year has started up again, I might go inactive if my grades go below 80% and I will post that if it happens because school is VERY important to me!
  6. Any pages with a lot of pictures (4 or 5) I would like to add a gallery of them at the bottom of the page! If you don't know how please don't be afraid to ask!

That is it! If you are a music lover, heres a few songs to look up that I <3

  • Dum Diddly (Black Eyed Peas)
  • My Style (Black Eyed Peas)
  • Should've Known Better (Sick Puppies)\
  • Survive (Sick Puppies)
  • Broken Pieces (Apopcalyptica feat. Lacey)

Thank you for reading and Happy Early Labor Day :)

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