Hey peeps of my epic wiki its Carmen and my BFF Rockky!! We decided to bring comps back (if you read the title, you would know that!) and we want to see the funniest youtube videos! the comp ends August 14th! Winner will be announced August 16th. We are going to rate the vid on our LOL scale (we made it up!) me and her will each rate your video on a scale of 1 to 10 and our totals add up! The highest amount of points is 60 and the person whos total adds up to be the highest wins and makes the next competition! Good Luck to all!!!


NintendoLover has won with a score of 24 points! You have until August 17th at 9 P.M EST to make Competition 2 or UniqueBlonde will make it if NintendoLover does not make it by then.

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