With Dragonfree's permission, the Random Rockers Wikipedia now has competition. If you are new to the wiki, a competition is when a user makes a blog like me and you may have to come up with something random. Winner would make Competition 2,3,4, etc. Anyways, for the old peeps, its a new idea I want to try and maybe my new idea will spread. Look for a page on this wiki that is a stub. you can also go to the page stubs and find something. Post in the commenting thingy below what page you will be editing. Nobody else can work on that page except you. I will post a deadline soon. Then I will read the page you selected and the page that has improved the most, their editor wins and gets to make Competition 2!

For now, Deadline is....................... JANUARY 17

As of January 14th, the competition is BACK ON!! This is a list of the users and the stubs that they chose

Can't wait to see who wins! Good luck to all!

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