Hey peeps Carmen is back to school! I had a great day! I have some pretty good teachers! BUT BEST PART OF ALL!! During Gym this guy Ace was flirtin with me! Then I had a crush on him until the end of the day. I decided to walk home and I saw Nick (my friends EX) and I was gettin off and I yelled HEY NICK! He said Oh hey and I ran up and he gave me a freakin hug! We talked for like 5 minutes about the summer and stuff and he had to go so I kinda liked him! Do ya think it'd be wrong to go out with him since my friend dated him? Anyways, since school started, I will be off more and I will NOT be able to Wi-fi! I will be holding a challenge to see who wins B'Crat rights and admin (if theyre not) and ML is not allowed to enter! Sorry! Welll, I g2g finish HW and stuff! Bye guys!!

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