Hey peeps of the RRWiki! Carmen is speaking on my wii and it's incredibly slow. My computer is hacked and I can't use it which sucks♪ Annnywayyys, once its fixed, i will take out the commenting. Once I can see u guys can handle it again i may put it on again!! on to the real subject, i want to have a party on ACWW or ACCF!! i am working on a good day which'll probably be this Saturday at noon on east coast, 11 central and 9 for west coasters!! Which game do y'all wanna have it on and if ur gonna come bring a gift! Here is my friend info 4 ACWW Name: Carmen Town: Exeter Friend Code: 3567-6825-2703 aaaaaaaand for ACCF!! THAT will be posted when I get it off my game (I would but i'm on the wii, if u read this, you'd know) Weeeeell ima gonna get off!! PEACE!!

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