is a type of meat, made from cows. It is very juicy. Steaks are served in many resturaunts and in many types like the New
Peppercorn Beef Shoulder Filet Steak

mmmmmmmm. steak!

York Strip, the T-Bone, and the Sirlion steaks and they come in varieties of taste, looks, and how the steak is prepared. It is delicious. You can even barbecue steak!! At resturants it is an expensive thing to order but people like ordering steak even though it is expensive. Flamin Yone is also a type of steak and is a very popular steak to eat. There is also a sandwhich called Cheesesteak with cheese and steak in it, or called a Phillysteak. It has it's roots in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is delicious unless...
  • You're a vegetarian
  • The meat is chewy or tough to eat
  • It is cooked to a rareness you don't like
  • Your steak has a tongue on it
  • Lots of fat on the steak
  • Too many or too little spices
  • Has a sour taste
  • Is cold
  • Is burning hot
  • Burned on top
  • You simply don't like steak
  • You're a vegan

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