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Welcome to the Random Rockers Wiki!

The Random Rockers Wiki is a website where people make pages about ANYTHING as long as they are not inapropriate!!! If you are a new user, check out the wiki's rules here!!
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Any users who disobey the rules, will either result in bans or other consiquenses.

Random Rockers Timeline

10-8-10 - The wiki was created!!

10-22-10- The first contest for RRWiki was ended today and Minifig-Me won! Congrats!

12-19-10- I came back to wikia after a short break and we we were spammed for the first time.

1-17-11- Anteater99 won the RRWiki Comp: Competition 1! Great Job!

4-27-11- After six and a half months, we reached 100 Wiki Pages!!!

6-8-11- Achievement Badges were added, and Chatting on article pages were taken off.

7-24-11- Chatting on talk pages has been re-added, for now.

9-4-11- The ban on talking about Hatsune Miku has gone into effect because of a fight about her. Read the rule for more information

Helpful Websites

These are some helpful websites that can help users make our pages better!!!

Biographys (

State Facts for Students (

50 states (

National Geographic Kids (

Sports Illustrated Kids (

Baseball (

Soccer (

Basketball (

Women's Basketball (

Football (

Hockey (

Need Help??

This wiki is for random pages, random chatting, and amazing randomness! If you need help, just contact one of these users:

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