Pollyanna is a small song that is in every game in the Mother/Earthbound series, and is seen as the series' theme. In the original Mother/Earthbound Zero, it would play when there is only one person in your group. Later in the game, a sad renedition plays when Teddy is injured, and when Ninten's grandfather speaks to him through his tombstone. In Mother2/Earthbound, it plays inside Ness' house. In Mother 3/Earthbound 2, it plays in a room containing numberous objects from Earthbound. It was also released as a vocal on the "Mother 1+2" CD. In the Gamecube game Super Smash Bros. Melee (and it's sequel), it is played as an optional song on the Earthbound stage "Onett.

Mother 1 (EarthBound Zero) Music - Pollyanna01:37

Mother 1 (EarthBound Zero) Music - Pollyanna

MOTHER 3-Pollyanna01:56

MOTHER 3-Pollyanna

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