is one of the several new characters that appear in the Black and White Versions. His real name is


unknown, but his last name is revealed to be Harmonia by Ghetsis between the final two battles against them. He appears to be a anti-villain of sorts, in that he views Pokémon as friends/equals, and is against the way Pokémon are usually treated. He wants to separate humans and Pokemon from each other, thus making it "Black and White." For that purpose, he seeks the power he needs, to make his wish come true. While his intentions may seem very good (if not downright self-sacrificing), his methods are also very extreme, to the point that he might be a bit of a fanatic, which in return presumably causes him to clash with the player and his/her friends/allies serveral times through out the game(s). Though still unconfirmed, its very likely that the power N is looking for, is somehow connected to the two Legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom, both of which are the mascots of the Black and White Versions, respectively. N is a member of Team Plasma. He pretends to be your friend, but he is taking orders from his dad, Ghetis, to make you "free" your Pokémonin. When you obtain all 3 pokemon (Zorua, Zoroark, and Victini) Bianca will meet you at your house and says she saw N on TV making a big difference and helping others on another region. She says he is also very cute. Then Bianca leaves. He was raised with abused pokemon to gain a hatred of humans. The only game he appears in is Pokemon: Black and White.

N on Pokemon Black and WhiteEdit

You'll run into N quite a lot around the Unova region, and he'll often challenge you to battle when you meet. You'll have to discover who this mysterious character truly is and uncover his ultimate goal.'

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