Deborah Ann Ryan is a American actress and she was raised in Texas, and she's also a singer. Debby Ryan was born on May 13, 1993 and she's eighteen years old. Her father was in the Military so she often moved to different places. Debby Ryan moved to Germany, and she didn't know how to speak German, but her and her brother, Chase learned how to speak German quick. Debby Ryan was bullied because she was a mascot, and was also in the school's chess club. Debby Ryan has an older brother, Chase (who's two years older than Debby), and is one of her role models. Debby Ryan began appearing in small commercials, like various board game commercials, and an iDog commercial. Her first role was a small role in, Barney: Let's Go to The Firehouse, and she played a teenager. She then had a role as a mean girl in The Longshots, which was hard for Debby, because she's really nice, but she did it anyway, her name's Edith in the movie. Debby Ryan's most well known for playing Bailey Pickett, in Suite Life on Deck, and she says, Bailey is a little nicer than I am. In, 2009 it was announced Debby would be playing Kimberly Walker in What If.... the movie premired in 2010. Debby Ryan has spent time at the Ronald Mcdonald House and has helped raise money for children in need. Debby Ryan revealed in an interview she looks up to Meryl Steep, and her other role models are Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, and Tobey Magurie. In musical taste she said she likes jazz and country music. Debby Ryan appeared in Friends for Change Games on Disney Channel, and is the captain of the Blue Team. She made a cameo in Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream, and admitted she's a big Jonas Brothers fan. She also is going to have her own show called Jessie, and has the lead role. When, Disney Channel discovered she can sing they offered her to sing on the soundtrack, Disney Mania 7, and said she liked Hakuna Matata. Other songs, include Deck the Halls, Open Eyes, A Wish Comes True Everyday, and is planning to release a song called Adios, but not anytime she doesn't want to rush.

Facts About Debby RyanEdit

These are some facts about Debby Ryan you may not know about her.

  • Favorite Food: Smoothies
  • Best Friend: Her older brother, Chase
  • Favorite Show: Kyle XY
  • Favorite Store: Target
  • Favorite Shoes: Tom's Shoes
  • Pets: A cat, and a Yorkshire Terrier

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