Animal Crossing: Wild World is a video game for Nintendo DS and was released in 2005. Animal Crossing: Wild World is the second installment in the Animal Crossing series. Animal Crossing: Wild World introduced a place called Shampoodle where you can get your hair done and it is only in Nookingtons which is the fourth store and Tom Nook owns all the Tom Nook stores the first one is called Nook's Cranny. Animal Crossing: Wild World introduced Wi-Fi to a Animal Crossing game. The Roost which is in The Muesum is owned by Brewster and Celeste works upstairs. At The Roost you can get coffee and hot chocolate on Valentine's Day. In Animal Crossing: Wild World their are some new villagers and here are some new villagers, Stitches, Rhonda, Celeste, Harriet, Brewster, Elvis, Boone, Tipper, Nana, Drake, Tammi and many other new characters.

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